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Who We Are:

We are husband and wife, mother and father, councilor, mentor, entrepreneur and patient.

As patients ourselves,  we were drawn to the research and development of a topical delivery system for cannabinoids 
after reading countless medical journals searching for natural pain management techniques and keeping up with the MMJ movement and its successes with achieving marked improvement in quality of life for some patients.

It was made apparent, by various reputable publications, that what the industry needed to progress was a rapid onset cannabinoid delivery system that would easily penetrate the dermal layer upon topical application to work in conjunction with 
the CB2 receptors of the Endocannabinoid System.”

Cannabee Products


I.            Cannabee Medicated Spa Products

The Cannabee Medicated Spa Products™ line of products is the result of years of research and development. We discovered a unique 100% natural way to extract more cannabinoids than 
just THC from dried cannabis flowers in order to create a cannabinoid saturated solution.  
This solution was then introduced to a 100% natural line of homeopathic spa remedies using beeswax as a natural emulsion agent and aloe juice as the “water” base.

Cannabee Medicated Spa Products™ is therefore a range of 100% natural, homeopathic 
cannabinoid infused products infused with the essence of medical grade cannabis flowers 
as well as numerous other healing essential oils including the following that we create ourselves:-
B203 Cannabinoid Extract™, Rooibos, Devil’s Claw, Valarian, & Cardamon
and… is the only doctor recommended line of Cannabis topical products currently on the market.

The fact that Cannabee Products, Inc. does not use any chemically processed ingredients, 
or use astringents, bleaches or chemical preservatives in any of our extraction/production processes enables us to produce a high end line of very powerful 100% natural cannabinoid infused spa products.  These proprietary processes are what make our products unique, even when compared to other “homeopathic” and “natural” products that do not contain cannabinoids as one of their active ingredients.


What’s So Special About B-203™?

Many “natural” or “homeopathic” topical products mass-produced on the market today 
use alcohol in order to extract essential oils from the herbs used in a particular product or parabens to increase shelf life. The use of these ingredients can cause more irritation than benefit; especially for those who have sensitive skin or compromised immune systems.  
Using alcohol in particular when processing any herb can greatly reduce the healing properties of the herb being concentrated.  [alcohol destroys much of the beneficial properties of an herb]  

In our endless pursuit of perfection, we have unlocked several technological advances / breakthroughs that have enabled us to produce such startling results with our products.
As vital as our recipes are for achieving these remarkable results, it is our proprietary components 
that separate our products from any other medical cannabis remedy.

When diagnosing how to maximize cannabinoid concentration and extraction, we decided to go a completely different route.  Although the process proved to be lengthy (14 days), we were able to extract all the vital components out of the cannabis flower and not just the THC cannabinoid that is known so well for its psychotropic effects.  It is this concentrated blend of cannabinoids that is the active component of the B-203™. 

There are many more active cannabinoid molecules in B-203™ and therefore in Cannabee Medicated Spa Products™, than any other non inhaling medical cannabis product currently on the market.   This is the main reason why Cannabee Medicated Spa Products™ are the only doctor recommended cannabis infused topical product currently on the market.

 Hindu Kush Salts





The Inflammation / Pain Complex:

One of the most astounding features of our products is the anti-inflammatory properties.
Our products eliminate inflammation better than any other product on the market.
[Prescription or non-prescription / Traditional or Homeopathic]

The anti-inflammatory effect was so great that we were able to form several hypothesis’ 
regarding the correlation of inflammation with recurrent pain and bruising.
On several occasions we were able to apply “IR” immediately after suffering deep contusions 
[that would have ordinarily incurred heavy bruising and surrounding tissue damage due to inflammation]. Each time the wound / injured area refused to retain inflammation, 
and bruising was almost non-existent… we severely reduced the formation of inflammation, 
which in turn reduced the amount of cell destruction caused in and around the wound / injury thereby all but halving the time taken for the healing process to complete.


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