Should you use medical marijuana?

This is up to each individual based on their needs. Marijuana has been shown to provide many relief for many different aliments. Such as cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, autism, and as a general analgesic (for pain). If you suffer from these or any other ailments, please consult a medical physician for a recommendation for medical cannabis.

What are the different ways to use cannabis?

Cannabis has been widely used for a very long time, most often smoked. Today, medical marijuana has become available in many different forms for those who are adverse to smoking marijuana.

Below is a list of the different types of ways to use medical marijuana

marijuana joint

Marijuana Joint

Smoking the flowers: joints, pipes, water bongs (cleaner for your lungs)

volcano vaporizer

Vaporizer: The recommended way

Vaporizing the flowers: recently vaporizing the flowers has become the go to way to take medical marijuana. Most Doctors are recommending this if you decide to inhale your meds.

There are many different types of vaporizers available today to choose from. The best advise would be to try a couple out with other friends/patients, and find out what works best for you.

Ingesting Cannabis: More than ever, today there is a WIDE variety of types of “edibles” to choose from. Edibles differ in strength, taste, and size from collective to collective, and even batch to batch. Eating cannabis, has  a much more sleepy effect, and is great for pain, soreness, and sleep. Edibles have a higher concentration of CBDs therefore will make you have more body focused sensation.

If your interested in cooking, and baking I recommend you take a look @ our cooking with cannabis section for a Do-it-yourself guide to make your very own marijuana butter.

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