Prop 19: A Bowl for your thoughts

As Nov. 2 comes nearer, there are more and more news sources out there showing a growing number of supporters for prop 19. At the very same time, there are other sources showing a drop in support for prop 19. So what is the reasons for this disparity in what the “polls” show?

Wizard behind the glass

Who is the Wizard Behind the Glass?

I have been wondering the very same thing for a while now. Some collectives want prop 19 to be stopped, others are in support of it, and some collectives tell close friends one thing, and their patients another. What is really going on behind the scenes? If I had a penny for each time I wondered what the wizard was doing behind the glass….I’d have at least an OZ.

On October 10, 2010 Schwarzenegger signed SB 1449 decriminalizing possesion of marijuana of under an ounce for adults over 21. This is seen as a landmark day for marijuana, and a boon to medical marijuana, but a possible bust to prop 19. Jim Gray, former Orange County Superior Court Judge, and current activist for medical marijuana, and prop 19, said it best regarding prop 19 “…the bottom line is, it’s a step in the right direction; we can make changes later on.”

There are more than just a few people who think that it could be a sweeping change in the marijuana industry, if prop 19 passes.

Check out the entire article here from the OC weekly.

If you have any interest in prop 19, this is a great read. Giving you collectives opinions, MMJ doctors opinions, Lawyers opinions also. Make sure you read through all three pages…

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