Pot Tea Party


Seems the movement to legalize marijuana isn’t just for hippies anymore.

— By Josh Harkinson

A great article about how marijuana has crossed party lines, from typically a “liberal” choice to legalize, to now showing tremendous republican support. The big GOP, has gone on the record to support the end of prohibition. Nobody is more outspoken than Texas Rep. Ron Paul, about the need to legalize marijuana. Saying “decrimializing marijuana @ the federal lever would be a start” to ending “the insanity of the War on Drugs”

Republican Jim Gray, a retired California State Superior Court Judge, said ” The first thing that would happen” if California legalized pot “would be that we as taxpayers would literally save $1 Billion that we now spend in a futile effort to eradicate marijuana as well as to prosecute and incarcerate nonviolent marijuana users”

As it stands, the statewide explosion on semi-legal medical marijuana business has spawned terms like “cannabusiness” and ganjaprenurs.” Libertarian thought motivates some from the legalization movement, such as Richard Lee, architect of Prop 19 and founder of Oaksterdam University. Lee, many have theorized that he stands to reap huge benefits if Prop 19 passes. Richard Lee is one of the many recognizable faces for the medical marijuana movement.

Read the full article here

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