19 Reasons to Vote YES on Prop 19

From Norml.org

California’s Prop 19 will be the most talked-about ballot initiative in the November election.  This measure would make lawful the possession and sharing of one ounce of marijuana outside the home and allow for personal cultivation of a small marijuana garden and possession of its harvest in the home.  California cities and counties would be able to opt-in to commercial sales, regulation, and taxation of marijuana.  Existing prohibitions against driving under the influence and working under the influence would be maintained and prohibitions against furnishing marijuana to minors would be strengthened. After almost 100 years of marijuana prohibition in California, marijuana is more popular and accepted than ever.  Prohibition has clearly failed.  Prop 19 gives us another choice, one that benefits not just those who enjoy the herb, but the entire state of California and ultimately, the nation and the world.  Whether you are a regular marijuana user now, an occasional toker back in the day, or you’ve never touched the stuff, there are many compelling economic, social, public safety, and civil libertarian reasons to support its legalization.  Here are nineteen reasons for six distinct groups of Californians to vote Yes on Prop 19. Click for Full text from Norml.org

For the Concerned Parents

1. To make pot more difficult for kids to buy.

2. To make pot more difficult for kids to sell in school.

3. To make pot less available for transfer from young adults.

For the “Law and Order” Crowd

4. To decrease the profits of violent criminals.

5. To increase public trust of law enforcement.

6. To prioritize our law enforcement.

For the Medical Marijuana Patients

7. To protect your medical collectives.

8. To provide easier access to cheaper medicine. 

9. To allow you to grow a lot of marijuana. 

For the Business Community

10. To create much-needed jobs. 

11. To bring in much-needed tax revenue. 

12. To bring fairness to workplace drug testing. 

For the Latinos and African-Americans

13. To end the disproportionate arrest and harassment of people of color. .

14. To end street-level dealing of marijuana. 

15. To strike back at the murderous drug gangs in Mexico. 

For the People of All Political Ideologies

16. To energize and connect with the progressive Democratic base. 

17. To build a new, younger Republican base on conservative principles. 

18. To show the traditional political parties they aren’t responding to the people. 

For the Future

19. To change the world.

It’s up to you, California, to take that one small step for your state that will be one giant leap for the nation. Vote Yes on Prop 19!

Vote Yes on Prop 19

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