Would Prop 19 Help or Hurt Medical Patients?

According to The Huffington Post, Prop 19 would NOT hurt medical patients. Though in our survey of many collectives in Southern California, the resounding voice is one of VOTE NO on PROP 19.

BongAs most Californians received their voter brochures this month, PROP 19 is an attempt to commercialize the marijuana industry, and let those that have been “running the legalzation campaign” to be the main industrial providers of medicine.

The medical marijuana industry has been running @ full steam ahead for the last few years. More small businesses, or non-profit organizations have started and brought jobs to those that have been struggling. The industry today is similar to a tight knit network of individuals, and collective groups alike, providing a living for struggling families.

Industrializing marijuana would have dire effects on everyone associated within the industry. Thousands of jobs have been created, tax revenue is coming in, and ancillary businesses have been started, and become successful. If psuedo legalizing marijuana, would only create a stranglehold within the top level of marijuana producers and suppliers.

Think of the alcohol industry. You have Bud, Coors, Miller, Corona, etc. as your main beer companies, providing the masses with mediocore products. This is not to say they produce bad beer, they produce a middle of the road product that millions enjoy. Currently most marijuana production comes from small growers, that really care about the quality of medicine they produce for patients. There is even competition among growers to produce top quality meds. This will all disappear if Prop19 passes.

Growing marijuana is a specialty art, that takes time and effort to truely master! When it’s industrialized the quality will likely drop, quantity will increase as the industrial growers produce mass quantities and flood the marketplace with mid grade marijuana.

Who will benefit from this…those in the know, and those who are truely pushing for PROP 19 to be passed.

Ask your local collective what they think!

Vote NO on Prop 19.

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