Prop 19 Legalizing Cannabis

Since 1996 California is one of 13 states and counting that has legalized the use of medical marijuana. California was the first to authorize use of medical marijuana, and could be the first to legalize marijuana completely.

California’s Proposition 215 was the first statewide
medical marijuana voter initiative adopted in the USA.

It’s the law. Cannabis (marijuana) was listed in medical texts to treat over 100 different conditions, prior to its ban in 1937 over the objections of the AMA. Medical use is still allowed under the UN Single Convention Treaty on Narcotic Drugs. The California Supreme Court has ruled that marijuana is as legal as any prescription drug under State law.

Proposition 215 (HS 11362.5) was passed in 1996 by a 56% majority of California voters in November 1996. That is more California votes than Presidents Clinton, Bush or most other elected official have received.

For a quick reminder of what Peter Tosh said about marijuana…

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