DIY: Medical Marijuana Butter

You have many different options when looking to use cannabis. The easiest is of course burning the flowers themselves through a joint, pipe, or bong. You can also use a vaporizer as well, which will be much better for you. Most doctors tend to recommend vaporizing your meds, or ingesting them. Both of these ways will be much better for your lungs, and should not be a concern.

As with anything, you should always start out with small doses to find out how your body will react. Everyone is different when it comes to the effects of medical cannabis. Now that you have decided to ingest medical marijuana, you have many options as well. You can pick up many of the hundreds of types of edibles on the at your local collective. Brownies, cookies, rice crispy treats, are just a few of the standard edible selections most collectives will have. Some collectives feature hard candy, sodas, cannabis rubs, hash pills, and many other types. Strength of the edibles will differ from collective to collective. We recommend trying a couple out different types, and START SMALL. You don’t need to eat the entire edible, especially when its the first time you are trying out a different type.

Of course, you can always DIY canna-butter. Making medical grade marijuana butter is pretty easy when you know what you are doing. It will take a few steps, time, and a little effort, but you should feel great about your very own canna-butter when your finished.

Below is  a short guide on how to make canna-butter.

DIY Canna-butter: Supplies to be used:

1 oz. of quality shake or 2+oz of high quality trim

1lb of unsalted butter

1-2cups of water Crock-pot or Large cookware pot

Stainer Cheese Cloth


Small plastic Tupperware containers with lids

Latex Gloves (trust me, these will come in handy)

Start with high quality trim, or shake. The better the medical marijuana is to start with, the more potent your canna-butter will be. The amount you use will also determine the quality, and potency of the canna-butter.

Grind or crumble all trim or shake to be used.

Me lt 1lb of butter in to crock-pot on med h eat. You want to liquefy the butter prior to adding in your trim or shake. Add in shake or trim slowly, mixing in thoroughly. You may see the trim has soaked up most, or all the butter; that’s normal, which is why we have to add water.

Add in water as needed, you want to make sure there is enough water so to not boil off the butter itself. The THC will adhere to the fatty butter, and not the water. Make sure you have enough water to be able to stir and the solution is liquid. Don’t worry about adding too much water, it will either burn off or be separated when you strain and cool.

Once you have brought the mixture to a low boil, cover and reduce heat and simmer. The longer you simmer the more THC will adhere to the butter. Usually 8-12 hours is suggested. Check on it often and stir, make sure the water doesn’t all boil away, if it does, add a little more water.

You really need to make sure not to let the mixture get too hot, or burn…you are burning away the THC. Once the 8-12 hrs has gone by, remove from heat, and prepare to strain the liquid canna-butter.

Use your Tupperware container, cheese cloth, rubber-bands, and gloves (it can get real messy…)

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    Cancer Patients would need a gluten free, dairy free solution for edibles… substitution of extra virgin food grade coconut oil for the butter would work wonderfully in this recipe. :)
    Health and happiness. Queen Bee Li xo


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