Alcohol Industry says “NO on Prop 19″

Marijuana and Big AlcoholThis should be no surprise to anyone. Big alcohol companies have recently contributed $10,000 to defeating Prop 19. That is the max amount any one lobby can contribute. They are taking out the big guns, and defending their monopoly of adult beverage enjoyment, and turning it toward marijuana. 

The funny part is, there are more deaths attributed each year to alcohol, than marijuana. Actually a staggering number of incidents are attributed to alcohol. Although there are more arrests each year for marijuana offenders, this is simply a slight of hand trick. Alcohol is legal, therefore there is no repercussions if you are "caught" drinking. Although there are much more severe repercussions if you are caught drinking and driving, or say fighting, than there would be with marijuana. 

It's not shocking to me the alcohol industry has started to ramp up their campaign to keep cannabis only for medical purposes. Who would want something to potentially takeover their market of what people could use to relax after a long day, week, month, etc. On top of that, people can even produce their own, at a low cost. Really cutting out that middle man! 

As we all know, its more likely that your marijuana user ends up stumbling into 7-Eleven for some chocolate milk and powdered donuts, than having a fatal accident behind the wheel, because they were drunk!

Here's an excerpt from the article:

Medical Marijuana vs. Alcohol

"Booze lobby funding the NO on PROP 19"

by David Downs


The California Beer & Beverage Distributors disclosed it donated $10,000 to defeat Prop 19 — which would regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol. The alcohol lobbyist's funds will help spread the lie that employers must tolerate stoned employees, and the talking point that 'California doesn't need another legal, mind-altering substance.' Alcohol causes an estimated $38 billion in costs in California each year from emergency room visits, arrests, etc, according to the Marin Institute. There are roughly 3,500 deaths annually from alcohol-related illness and more than 109,000 alcohol-related injuries in California. Conversely, pot caused 181 emergency room visits in 2008, according to a study by the non-partisan RAND Corporation, despite being used by more than four million Californians monthly. 

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition spokesperson and retired Orange County, CA. judge James Gray said the booze lobby's decision was probably financial. The move echoes the tobacco and alcohol industry's help creating leading drug war group Partnership For a Drug-Free America.

“It was a really wise thing to do from a merchandising standpoint to reaffirm the distinction between a legal and an illegal drug,” he said. “They are protecting their own economic self interest.”

Prop 19 would deal a major blow to drug cartels (who get 60 percent of their funding from pot) and others profiting from the drug war. Alcohol companies purvey an addictive product that can kill alcoholics who are trying to quit. Conversely, side effects from quitting pot include irritability.


What a disparity in their numbers! What way are you going to vote on Prop 19?

Let us know!

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    I can't believe the booze brothers don't want it legalized…ohhh….wait people won't drink their booze, and instead grow their own cannabis. 
    Shrinking profits for the alcohol industry!


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